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Who reads / speaks at Brixton BookJam?
We publish the lineup for the next Brixton BookJam about a month in advance, at and you can view lineups from our past events. The list isn’t authoritative. (‘Author’-itative, ha, get it? Keep up at the back.) People will drop out and in, and we reserve the right to spring surprises and special guests on you. We present a mix of writers you may have heard of, writers you probably haven’t heard of, and writers you’ll remember.

Do I need a ticket?
You don’t need a ticket to come to Brixton BookJam. It’s a free event that’s open to all, so please just turn up. Why not bring a friend? Why not ask your friend to bring a friend?

How often does Brixton BookJam happen?
We host Brixton BookJams quarterly on the first Monday of March, June, October and December. We’ve hosted popup events at the Lambeth Country Show and the Soho Literary Festival. To keep track of our upcoming events, join our mailing list

Can I do a reading at the next Brixton BookJam?
Brixton BookJam showcases fiction and non-fiction not poetry. We welcome expressions of interest from published and self-published writers. If you’d like to read at a future event, please get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself. This doesn’t guarantee you a place, but if your work is interesting and fits in with our programme then you’re in with a good chance.

Can I sell books at your event?
If you’re scheduled to read / speak at Brixton BookJam then we encourage you to bring your books to sell. Our bookstall is run by a team of volunteer booksellers, and all proceeds go to you. If you’re not scheduled to read or speak but wish to sell books you’ve written (that are not poetry) then talk to us in advance. Please don’t just turn up on the night with eg three boxes of pamphlets about salt and a faintly crazed expression.

Do you have a hashtag?
Our hashtag is #BrixtonBookJam and you can find us on Twitter @BrixtonBookJam

Why only five minutes per speaker?
We give each reader / speaker five minutes of airtime. This short format sharpens everyone’s attention: it encourages readers / speakers to choose their best material and deliver it at a good pace, and it means that the audience doesn’t have a chance to get bored. If you’re not enjoying a particular reader / speaker, there’ll be another one along shortly.

Can I sell DVDs/CDs/calendars/jewellery/stuffed toys/organic free-trade flapjacks at your event?
The Brixton BookJam bookstall is reserved exclusively for books of fiction or non-fiction.

Can I sell jam at your event?