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Be a Kids’ BookJam Superstar!

We want to work with the local community, in Brixton and South London, to inspire children to read more and to share this enjoyment with each other. Although the event will be open to the public, we would love to work with teachers and librarians to use the event as a teaching and reward platform and encourage children to take part in the event if they want to. You don’t have to be a teacher or librarian to reach Superstar status, if there is anyway you would like to support us or be involved get in contact with us on our ORGANISERS page. We are trying to contact as many people as possible, but don’t feel left out if we haven’t reached you yet – just drop us a line.

We will feature all our BookJam Superstars on the website and link through to them when we can in our press and social media activity. Have a look at our SUPERSTARS page … just think, your name could be up there too on a screen near you!


So, can you …

  • Advertise the event?

    We can send you promotional posters and information to put up, and you could announce the Kids’ BookJam in your class, assembly, department or
  • Nominate a kid for an OWL Award?

    You can nominate kids you feel deserve a special mention at the event for their work in reading and writing, or who have really participated in library activities. We will publicly award them with an Owl Award (Outstanding Writing We Love).
  • Help write the Brixton Kids’ BookJam eBook?
    We are working with Bloomsbury Kids to launch a 247 Tales competition with local schools. We will publish the winning stories, along with a selection of all the submitted tales, and release them as a FREE eBook.
  • Find a reader or performer?

    Teachers can also nominate pupils to perform in the open mic session in each set of the BookJam. We could offer up to three children over the day a five-minute slot. This could be a reading of their own work, but it doesn’t have to be book related – it could be spoken word or performance-based.

I’m sure the answer to at least one of them is ‘YES!’, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch.