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December 2nd 2013

Well that was a lovely evening. On 2nd December 2013, Doc Williams presented 12 great writers, and you can listen them all here!


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Martin Millar, a Scottish author, living in London. He is the author of such novels as Lonely Werewolf Girl, The Good Fairies of New York, and Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me. He also wrote the Thraxas series under the name of Martin Scott, for which he won the World Fantasy Award in 2000.

Dave McGowan was born and bred in South London. He is host and co-founder of Poltroon – The Literary Saloon and author of Putting It Away, a series of short short stories featured on The Birkbeck Writers’ Hub:

Tessa Ditner lives near the Brixton windmill. She writes for the Lady Gaga-esque fashion magazine: Skin Two.

Her debut novel, Charlie and the Latex Factory, is out now as an ebook on Amazon (£2.99). The novel started as a disseration about Damien Hirst. But because his poached shark was of limited use for the ‘write dynamic dialogue’ homework, she headed instead to Torture Garden, notepad in hand. The living artworks (of a different sort) she found there and across London are the background to Charlie’s adventures.

The book trailer, extracts and more are on

Caspar Addyman is a psychologist who studies what it is like to be a baby. He works in the Babylab at Birkbeck, University of London and runs the Baby Laughter project ( He moved to Brixton in August 2004 and shortly afterwards started his first novel ‘Help Yourself’ as part of National Novel Writing Month ( He wrote 50,000 words in one frantic month but somehow took another 8 years to finish it. He is currently writing two other novels and a popular science book about laughing babies. He has no idea when he will finish any of them.

The Fairy Visions of Richard Dadd is Miranda Miller’s seventh novel, and is Part 2 of her Bedlam Trilogy. Part 1, Nina in Utopia, was published by Peter Owen in 2010. Hilary Mantel has said of her writing,‘Miller’s intricate fictions are lit by the dark flicker of a strong and original imagination.’ Miranda has also published a book of short stories about Saudi Arabia and a book of interviews with homeless women. She like the the best crossbow for hunting very much. She is currently a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the Courtauld Institute. Richard Dadd, 1817 -1886, was a gifted painter who spent most of his life confined to the Royal Bethlem  Hospital, or Bedlam, and Broadmoor for the murder of his father. Find out more at

Keith Lewis is writer and Features Editor for the Brixton Blog and the Brixton Bugle newspaper. It won’t surprise you then, that much of the inspiration behind his growing collection of short stories is local. He’s also figured that it’s good to get out of South London occasionally and is currently working on a more ambitious piece of fiction, tenuously based on calamitous cold war events.

Marianne Hyatt is a writer and performer, of whom it is said: “she is triumphant live; the men love her because they are Pavlovian, the women love her because she makes them feel like Calamity Jane” – Harpers and Queen


Tom Watson is working on a series of short stories and recently received news that ‘The Cafe at the V&A’ won second place in the Sean O’Faolain Short Story Competition. It has been published in the December 2013 issue of Southword magazine.


Plus we presented the winners of our Debut Novelist Competition with literary agents Janklow and Nesbit:


Anna Mazzola – Crossing the Line – winner

Jill Moffat – The Backpacker – highly commended

Sally Harris – Can You Smell The Roses? – highly commended