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Zelda Rhiando lives in Brixton and is the author of three books: Caposcripti, Fukushima Dreams and Good Morning Mr Magpie. She is a contributor to the Poetry Library and an occasional journalist. When not writing she can be found child-wrangling and making digital products.

Find out more about Zelda at and on Twitter @badzelda

Stuart Taylor lives in Brixton. He is a photographer, cycle mechanic and hyperlocal enthusiast with a keen interest in Brixton and its writers. If you’ve heard of the Brixton BookJam it’s probably because of him.

Find out more about Stuart on Twitter @silverfox09

Sheila Urbanoski is a career nerd who was once a media artist, academic, critic and founder of six artist-run centres in Canada and the US. She is a proud Brixton BookJam bookseller and queen of the known universe.

Find out more about Sheila at

Andy Carstairs has been bringing you the very latest in old music since the early days of BookJam. Born in Kingston’s Gun Court his life has been a bit of a disappointment to be honest.
Living in London’s vibrant Brixton neighbourhood he deals in music and engages in Morris dancing and nocturnal photography. When he’s not reading that is.

Jonny Hughes is a freelance creative director, photographer and community arts do-er. When not designing magazines and directing photoshoots, he likes nothing more than closing roads to traffic, creatively re-using unloved space and generally using design to make our urban environment more people-powered.