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Essentially, we want to create the moment that an adult looks back on and says – ‘That was when I fell in love with books!’

We started the Brixton BookJam in 2012 to create a new type of literary event consisting of very short readings from a wide range of writers. The BookJam has been a resounding success, and we want to use our winning formula and extend it to create a free and inspiring event for children: to encourage them and their families to get excited about books and support their long-term appreciation of reading.

This is the first Kids’ BookJam and we would like to make this a termly event. We selected No.6 Somerleyton Road becasue it is a community space that is in the very heart of Brixton. The two main indoor spaces mean that separate activities can be held simultaneously: readings in the large light performance hall, while in the smaller soundproof room we can run separate workshops.

Just as with the BookJam this is a completely free event and we hope that this will be a springboard for the Kids’ BookJam to become a regular part of the local schools teaching programme. Shop the mulberry replica online free shipping.

If you feel the same why not GET INVOLVED! We’re more than happy to come and have a chat with you – we’re open to your ideas! Get in touch via our ORGANISERS page.